About Us

MyUsa started as Arusamailbox in 1995 out of a garage in Fort Lauderdale consolidating packages for friends and family and shipping them to Aruba and Curacao.
And then came the Internet. This simple idea, quickly grew into a company that opened US retail channels to Online shoppers in Aruba and Curacao. For over 20 years, consumers of Aruba and Curacao have trusted MyUsa to provide a simple, reliable way to shop online and ship their purchases to their doorstep.
We love making it easy for you to shop at U.S. stores online and get cheap, fast and reliable shipping . Only MyUsa has the resources, expertise, customer dedication and global experience to make shopping and shipping from the US consistently, dependable and affordable….
We thank you for trusting and believing in us for all these years with your packages…

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