Terms & Conditions

MyUsa Corp. NV reserve the right to exclude the mailing of all illegal drugs pornographic material, firearms, and all items
MyUsa Corp. NV will not be held liable for merchandise lost via freight company, All questions regarding liability should be discussed fully with customer service Aruba.
By signing this application, I understand that all information provided is verifiable and accurate.
MyUsa Corp. NV services may not be used for purpose prohibited by Aruba’s Postal Services or U.S. postal Services for any illegal or illegitimate purposes. All services provided to customer is confidential and will not be discussed except when legally mandated.

MyUsa Corp. NV Fees are due and payable in advance, unless a prior agreements reached. Customer will be charged accordingly for receipt of mail and packages, and such will be held at premises pending payment for fees of services. MyUsa will not hold mail for 30 days after arrival and contact with client. If mail is not picked up by customer, mail will be returned to the sender.

Upon voluntary termination of service MyUsa Corp NV will hold mail for 30 days at no charge, provided the customer pays all service charges. No C.O.D. will be permitted. Any Package delivered under these conditions will be returned to sender.

Customers agrees to use the services of MyUsa for only lawful purposes and in conformity with all applicable federal,  state, local and Arubian laws. Customer further agrees to protect, indemnify and save harmless  MyUsa from and against any and all claims, demands for and causes of action of any nature whatsoever, Any expenses incident to defense by MyUsa of any demand or action arising cut of or connection with the holding of all mail, without limitations. All demands, claims and causes of personal injury or property damage arising from such use of possession; for failure of the MyUsa to deliver on time or otherwise any items (Mail, parcels, packages, etc.) For damages to or loss of mail contents by any cause whatsoever and for any violation by customer of applicable federal state or local laws.

Customer herein agrees that the total liability of MyUsa Corp NV for any and all claims is limited to US$50.00 regardless of the nature of the claim. 


IMPORTANT:  In establishing your mailing address, your ID number is designated with the call letters AMB for Aruba and MUC for Curacao and designated numbers. This ID number shall be included with the address below when using the format below.

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